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Release: 2016
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Polygon - Einzelheiten CD

Sound engineer and almost iconic face of the darker scene, Ingo Lindmeier has again dug into his archive and gathered material that was previously unreleased. On this CD Polygon’s sound is different from the last album ‘Sein Lernen’ and this time the story is set in the bowels of darker and more experimental blocks. Dark, atmospheric corners are waving in kind of movie score atmospheres: Hypnotic strings pulsate and minimal, crystalline sequences are almost stabbed into the heart of your subconscious. Part of the album is a strong cooperation with the project Nerthus. This album will definitely please listeners into darker and more extreme incarnations of industrial culture. Musically it can be seen as the connection between the albums ‘omnon’ and ‘images’. Limited to 333 copies
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Label:Aliens Production