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Portion Control

"Metal-Box 80-83"


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Portion Control - Metal-Box 80-83 LPBOX

This 7-LP metal box with 60-page book and t-shirt & DVD is an ultimate collection of the godfathers of electronic body music, hard rythmic electronics & minimal synth. Portion Control's Work from 1980-1983 contains all official and even unreleased Tapes on their own POR CON - Label incl. 'Gaining Momentum', 'Dining on the fresh', 'Private Illusions' I&II, 'Video Soundtrack', 'Progress Report' and more obscure and unreleased tracks from Portion Control's archive plus compilation-tracks as well as the releases on In Phaze Records With Mixed Emotions, Surface and been seen, I Staggered Mentally and Third Mind Release A-Mag/Shot in the Belly and the highly searched for "Assault"-Tape.

Also included is a DVD with self-made Videos from the V-Mag-Archive, all dated back between 81-83. A true classic release and a definate Must for every serious collector and listener to Minimal-Wave/Synth and EBM Music.
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
Label's catalogue number:VOD73
1.Gaining Momentum (1981)
2.Dining On The Fresh. (1981)
3.Surface And Be Seen: (1982)
4.Private Illusions No.1 (1981)
5.Private Illusions No.2 (1982)
6.I Staggered Mentally (1982)
7.With Mixed Emotion (1982)
8.A-MAG /Shot In The Belly 1980-1983 (1983)
9.Assault (86)
10.Hilversum 1982