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Portion Control

"Progress Report 1982-1986"


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Release: 2015
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Portion Control - Progress Report 1982-1986 2LP

This material from PORTION CONTROL clearly demonstrates their early experimentation both as ‘musicians’ and with at the advent of analogue electronic machines. The eclectic material ranges from cassette portastudio material recorded in Peckham and Kennington, South London to high end studio recordings.

The punk roots show as PORTION CONTROL demonstrate unrivalled creativity breaching the gap between UK industrial, early ambient and the formative signs of electronic dance music. The music features rising appegiators, proto bass lines (a true PORTION CONTROL signature) dark sound design and recurring beats and rhythms... many elements that became the bedrock of future darker electronic musicDuring this highly charged period PORTION CONTROL established themselves at the forefront of the Formative, Underground UK Electronics scene
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1.A1: Breaker Breaker 0:59 (Psycho Bud)
2.A2: Drag Down 2:22 (Go Talk)
3.A3: Justice 6:35 (Rough Justice)
4.A4: Refugee 4:03 (Step Forward)
5.A5: Divided 3:01 (The Great Divide)
6.A6: Brain Scraper Death Dive 3:33 (Psycho Bud)
7.A7: Tex Mex 3:38 (Step Forward)
8.A8: Death By Venom (Ricochet Mix) 3:24 (Hit The Pulse)
9.B1: Abbo Dabbo: 3:07 (Hit The Pulse)
10.B2: Havoc Man 4:54 (Step Forward)
11.B3: Cut And Thrust 3:32 (Psycho Bud)
12.B4: Raise The Pulse: 5:07 (Raise The Pulse/purge)
13.B5: Go Talk 3:59 (Go Talk/purge)
14.B6: Real Estate Cult (Collapse) 3:27 (Step Forward)
15.B7: The Great Divide 6:45 (Edit) (The Great Divide)
16.A1: White Cubes 2:20
17.A2: Slim Waters 2:34
18.A3: Go For The Throat 2:10
19.A4: Torrid Tale 1:57
20.A5: Kiss Kiss (Live) 2:24
21.A6: The Arm That Was Cooked Good (= The Mote In Gods Eye) 1:58
22.A7: Double Vision 2:36
23.A8: Come Alive 2:30
24.A9: Can You Hear Me 3:57
25.A10: Terror Leads To Better Days 3:27
26.A11: Pressure Is High 2:49
27.B1: Abbo Dabbo 3:08
28.B2: Crash Weight Gain 3:23
29.B3: Scrambler 4:20
30.B4: Rough Justice 4:58
31.B5: Box 3:09
32.B6: Go Talk 4:20
33.B7: Chew You To Bits 4:04
34.B8: Raise The Pulse 2:25