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"The Eyes Of a Stranger"


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Release: 2005
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Portland - The Eyes Of a Stranger CD

Musikalisch präsentieren sich Portland stimmgewaltig und von produktionstechnischer Vielseitigkeit irgendwo in den Gefilden von Bands wie Tears fo Fears, Depeche Mode, Mesh, Iris, Camouflage oder Wolfsheim.
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1.Secrets Die
2.Stalking And Free
3.I Sometimes Wish
4.Everyone Loves Me
5.Drowning The Girl
6.You're Leaving
7.You Are Nobody
8.Never Again
9.Clouds On My Shoulder
11.Sister Of Dark
13.Let Me Get What I Want (Single)
14.This Is Our Song (Album Version)
15.Let Me Get What I Want (Retaliation Mix)
16.Member Of My Gang (Secrets Die Remix)
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