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"Hindenburg (Re-Release)"


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Release: 2012
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Predominance - Hindenburg (Re-Release) CD

This classic CD edition from 2003 contains the 'Hindenburg' material which was first released as MLP vinyl in 1998. Actually this was more than a simple re-issue of the vinyl as the CD release is an expanded edition different to the previous 6 tracks of the vinyl album. It contains four unreleased / re-recorded tracks and remixes, as well as the original 'Hindenburg' material taken from the source archives. This album is a manifestation of symphonical songs with majestic vocals and brooding, dark ambient sonic-scapes. This album includes a exclusive remix track of INADE. Now available again with original artwork and tracklist.
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InfraRot item number:2011.402
Label's catalogue number:LOKI 34
1.1 Ascending Colossus
2.2 Luftschiffe
3.3 In Through The Eyes Of Heaven
4.4 Encoded Pages (Inade Remix)
5.5 Four Symbols
6.6 Under The Blackened Sun
7.7 Out From The Eyes Of Heaven
8.8 Lakehurst - A Tragic Moment Frozen In Time
9.9 Luftschiffe 2002 (Hidden Track)