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Pretty Addicted



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Release: 2013
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Pretty Addicted - Filth CD

A couple of years ago, a visually-arresting British duo self-released a debut album, only for DWA to swoop, sign and reissue it a few months later in an expanded edition complete with new tracks and major name remixers. That duo was SURGYN, the album was the now-bestselling "Vanity" - and the rest, as they say, is history...

Now, in what could be ...
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InfraRot item number:9941.977
Label:Deathwatch Asia
Label's catalogue number:DWA254
2.Slut Junkie
3.I Would F**k Me
4.Back(Stabbers) In The Twilight Zone
7.Fetish Factory
8.Fear Myself
9.You Make Me Sick
10.Lipstick Mess
11.Beauty In The Chaos – Extended (Per)Version
12.Pcp For The Crackheads
13.I Would F**k Me (Grendel Remix)
14.You Make Me Sick (Die Sektor Remix)
15.Beauty In The Chaos (Modulate Remix)