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Pride And Fall

"Of Lust And Desire"


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Release: 2013
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Pride And Fall - Of Lust And Desire CD

Pride And Fall have come back from a six year long absence from making music, to accommodate family and job matters. All individual band members were forced to re-shape their lives, so they could finally retun to making music again! The result of this 2-year long endeavour is “Of Lust and Desire”. Their previous dark epic “In My Time of Dying”-album topped the German Alternative Charts for six weeks in a row and was hailed as the best Future Pop release of that year.

But Pride and Fall freed ...
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1.Sculptor Of Lust And Desire
3.Passionate Pain
4.Turn The Lights On
5.The Void Let Me Go First
6.The Comforter
7.The Knife
9.A River Runs Through It
10.Fear Your Love
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