InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Profane Grace

"Nocturnal Omniscience"


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Release: 2015
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The first new full-length album of this excellent well-known US dark ambient project since the year 2003, "Nocturnal Omniscience" is a kind of a return to Profane Grace roots. Being close to such early works as "Ages in Dust" and "The Seal Of Xastur", this work is a mere reflection of the darkest layers of todays declined and dehumanized universe. The epic and solemn chants consecrated to the most hidden and darkened immaterial entities and their actions bring neither light nor hope for the better future of the decaying mankind. The Ancient is at the gates again and Profane Grace's sound constructions which glorify the unearthly grandeur of yet invisible domains are hailing its imminent coming. Musicwise it's surely the best project's album to date, combining highly professional soundwork skills together with deep profound dark atmosphere, chilling melodies and sharp metaphysical intuitions. Highly recommended to all fans of good dark ambient with an esoteric touch, not to be missed by the followers of Loki Foundation, Cyclic Law and Cold Meat Industry! The release limited to 500 copies comes in a monochrome black mini LP-like cover with silkscreened elements.
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