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Project Pitchfork

"Look Up, I'm Down There"


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Release: 2016
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Project Pitchfork - Look Up, I'm Down There CD

-CD in 6-panel digipak-28-pages booklet

Since the dawn of time, man has been gazing at the night sky - longing, asking, searching and hoping. Are we truly alone in this dark cosmos? What's the meaning of it all? Wars, terror, hunger and pain - the 21st century is not exactly a benefiting epoch for humanity. Gazing outwards, though, is always like gazing inwards, too. "Look Up, I'm Down There". We are right here, in the middle of you. What if we tell you the answers you are looking for are right here, in front of your very nose? What if we tell you there is still hope?

The new PROJECT PITCHFORK record ...
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1.Into Orbit
3.Propaganda Child
4.Blind Eye
6.Look Up, I'm Down There
8.Sunset Devastation
9.Open With Caution
10.Furious Numbers
12.Sky Ey