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Proyecto Crisis

"Made In Remix"


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Release: 2012
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Proyecto Crisis - Made In Remix CD

After their sucessful release 'Made In Chile' back in 2009 in cooperation with american DSBP, Proyecto Crisis releases material now via Advoxya Records. Bands such as Hocico, Amduscia, Punto Omega come to mind when listening to this, but Proyecto Crisis have captured their owndistinct take on this style after a short while.
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InfraRot item number:2010.500
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-58-ep
1.No Human Survives (Killer Mix)
2.Dance Machine (Radio Version)
3.Undernearth This Lie (B-side, Exclusive Track)
4.Dance Machine (ES23 Remix)
5.Consious Is Destroyed (Assurines By Remixed)
6.La Traicion (Vigilante Remix)
7.Fuck Your Fate (Homicide Division Remix)
8.Suenos Robados (Cold Sequence Remix)
9.No Human Survives (Man And Machines Dirty Mix)
10.American Scandals (Terrorfrequenz Remix)
11.Guerra (Psyborg Corp Remix)
12.Dance Machine (Mangadrive Rmxv2)
13.Suenos Robados (Cold Drive Remix)
14.Fuck Your Fate (LA-X Version)
15.American Scandals (Hard Prognosis Remix)
16.Juego De La Muerte (C Lekktor Remix)