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Proyecto Crisis

"Under Control"


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Release: 2014
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Proyecto Crisis - Under Control CD

Proyecto Crisis (Chile) spreads its new material named „Under Control” afer successful „Made In Chile” (2011) and „Remix In Chile” (2012). Album is out next week in 2 different formats (as simple and double editions).

Sure this work absolutely stands for the sound of modern Proyecto Crisis, developed in past 2 years. “Under Control” brings you into 100% dark-electro latino and songs like “ Sentimiento Oculto”, “What is War”, „Coming Bitch Move” perfectly symbolize the state of pure electro anarchy. Since album doenot content slow tracks, the line of bullets can be continued by every track. Heavy danceable components and pure dark-electro tunes have been spiced with screaming voice of Felipe. Perfect beats for clubs and driving.
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1.Sentimiento Oculto
2.Come On Bitch Move
3.Dámelo Nena
5.Salva Tu Mundo
6.Senor Jesús
7.Shake Your Ass
8.Solo Un Trofeo Feat Ammen
9.País De Mierda
10.Error Militar
11.La Educación No Se Vende
13.Electro Latino
14.What Is War
15.El Asesino Feat Neon Roads