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Proyecto Mirage

"Slaves Of Capital"


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Release: 2011
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Proyecto Mirage - Slaves Of Capital CD

With 6 full-length albums, one lp, remixes for various artists and countless appearances on numerous compilations Proyecto Mirage have made a name for themselves and take their firm position in the present industrial music scene. After a break of three years, they return with 'slaves of capital' - a truly fine example of experimental drum 'n noise core. The spanish duo deliver an excellent album with extremely explosive techno-industrial, complemented with classic ebm, hardcore techno, 80's electropop and contemporary electronica components. Right after track one all bets are off and you are stuck in a realm of solid beats and sounds to kick your butt - either you survive or get the hell out of their way.

Proyecto Mirage's musical concept definitely ...
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1.Espacio En Blanco
2.The Blade Of God
4.Extinction To Evolve
6.Low Tech Droid
8.Nodo 1
10.Mind Gear