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Proyecto Mirage

"Steam Tech"


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Release: 2013
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Proyecto Mirage - Steam Tech CD

Spanish veterans Proyecto Mirage present their 7th album – and their most mature and atmo-spherically diverse effort yet. Dedicated to the history of technology (which started with invention of the steam engine) the album title represents the elements that are unmistakeably Proyecto Mirage: Prompting rhythmic noise with tough beats, often blessed with Alicia’s trademark electro -clash style vocals.

An established recording artist since 1999, Spanish duo Proyecto Mirage may be best known for their energetic live performances and their dance floor tracks. On “Steam Tech”, fans will find what they expect – and some surprises as well:
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1.Molrlock Ritual
2.Came To Know
3.Cold Fire
4.Evil Machine
5.Tesla Coil
6.Flying Biocopter
7.Rhythm Of Locomotive
8.Pray In Binary
9.The Alchimist
10.Peg 100 Experiment
11.Smoke And Noise
12.Mecha’S Attack