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"Palm Tree Corpse"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse LP

L.ed.num.250, Put togehter here for the first time on vinyl.Culminating document of the 'sm electronics' era. pure power electronics featuring a violent unstable mix of piercingly high and crumbling mid-frequencies dominating the experience, coupled with signature scathing vocals. a final sexless climax, only to cut off one's amenities shortly after. Recorded at Hospital Productions in Manhattan during a winter deep freeze, Palm Tree Corpse instantly disappeared into the ether as the final release of hospital productions for 2009. a rare artifacts of Prurient's cassette tape output with its frenzied flagellant performance put to vinyl for the first time. dedicated to attis who felt compelled to castrate himself.
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Label's catalogue number:Archaic 004