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"Entertainment Industries"


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Release: 2008
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Psy'Aviah - Entertainment Industries CD

With an open-minded progressive electro-rock music Psy'Aviah has arrived atthe crossroads of dark EBM, electro clash and industrial rock. The Belgiantrio effortlessly captures a diverse audience bringing them onto stages ofalternative rock festivals and goth industrial events. Psy'Aviah are challenging the dark elektro genre by grabbing it by the horns and giving it a special twist by incorporating an electric pop rock tone to their work while infusing fresh modern techno trance ingredients to the whole lot. Their new hit songs "Tired", "Mine", "In The Shadows" and "Voltage" are certain to send shockwaves through the scene. The album also includes 4 bonus remixes by Leaether Strip, IC 434, Implant and Diffuzion.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM 1107
1.Entertainment Industries
3.Mine (Album Mix)
5.Broken Child
6.Moments (Feat. Suzi Q. Smith)
9.In The Shadows
11.Good Vs Evil
13.Tired (Leaether Strip Remix)
14.Broken Child (Ic 434 Remix)
15.In Silence (Implant Remix)
16.Infected (Diffuzion Remix)
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