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"Mystery Hotel (+Bonus Tracks)"


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Release: June 2016
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Psyche - Mystery Hotel (+Bonus Tracks) CD

Following the success of Insomnia Theatre and Unveiling the Secret, Psyche turned to a classic wave sound on their third and most polished album, Mystery Hotel. While the industrial influence heard on earlier material is less pronounced, Mystery Hotel is in many ways the darkest Psyche album. The demons are alive on tracks like Wake the Flood Unconscious, Nocturnal Passenger and The Outsider, and even poppier numbers like Eternal and Insatiable are, at their core, still melancholia at its finest.

But the tone of this ...
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1.Make No Mistake
3.Wake The Flood Unconscious
4.The Outsider
5.You’Re The Only One
7.Ride On
9.Nocturnal Passenger (Album Edit)
11.Insatiable (Us Mix)
12.Eternal (Club Mix)
14.Prisoner To Desire (Live Ep)
15.Unveiling The Secret (Live Ep 1987)
16.Make No Mistake (Live Ep 1987)
17.Wake The Flood Unconscious (Live Ep 1987)
18.Taking Chances (Live Ep 1987)
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