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"Mystery Hotel (Limited Black Vinyl)"


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Release: 2016
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Psyche - Mystery Hotel (Limited Black Vinyl) 2LP

BLACK VINYL, limited to 300 copies.

The double-LP comes in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve. Includes rare photos, a newly designed cover, and comes with a beautiful insert lyric sheet.
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1.A1 Make No Mistake
2.A2 Insatiable
3.A3 Wake The Flood Unconscious
4.A4 The Outsider
5.A5 You’Re The Only One
6.B1 Uncivilized
7.B2 Ride On
8.B3 Dreamstreet
9.B4 Nocturnal Passenger (Album Edit)
10.B5 Eternal
11.C1 Uncivilized (12” Extended Mix)
12.C2 Insatiable (Us Club Mix)
13.C3 Eternal (Us Club Mix)
14.C4 Anguish
15.D1 Unveiling The Secret (Live Ep 1987)
16.D2 Make No Mistake (Live Ep 1987)
17.D3 Wake The Flood Unconscious (Live Ep 1987)
18.D4 Taking Chances (Live Ep 1987)
19.D5 The Outsider (Live At Melkweg 1987)