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"Infection Start 90"


Release: 2014
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Psychopomps - Infection Start 90 CD

Psychopomps are an electro-industrial band from Denmark formed by Jesper Schmidt and Flemming Norre Larsen. They were signed to the legendary Zoth Ommog Records label. Their early records were recorded at Strip Studios by close friend and label mate Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip. Besides bands like Leaether Strip, Klute, Birmingham 6, Sloppy Wrenchbody, Lights of Euphoria or In Absentia the band was one of the driving forces of the 90s electro movement! „Infection Start 90“ is a digital remastered „best of“ of the bands electronic years again limited to only 1000 units! Be fast a CD not to be missed in any collection!
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3.Sadistic Killer Instinct
4.Drug Addict
5.Masturbation Generation
6.Pub Ban (Trash Can Dance)
8.Baby-Terror Baby
9.Meat Defeat
10.If I Die…
11.Drunk City (Claustrophobia Edit)
12.Godshit (The Re-Posssssssed Relievo Version)
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