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Psyclon Nine

"Order Of The Shadow Act I"


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Release: 2013
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Psyclon Nine - Order Of The Shadow Act I CD

Psyclon Nine returns with the long awaited [Order of the Shadow : Act I]. Over the past decade, Psyclon Nine has evolved into the epitome of dark metal industrial and has continued to evolve its sound, implementing elements of black metal, post-punk influences, hardcore breaks, and metal. A perfect blend of machine-precise percussion and guitars are overlaid with scathing vocals and evil electronics, [Order of the Shadow : Act I] sees Psyclon Nine in top form. This release will appeal to metal and industrial fans alike.
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Label's catalogue number:MET888
1.[Act : I] Consecration
2.Shadows Unveiled
3.Suffer Well
4.Glamour Through Debris
5.Come And See
6.Afferte Mihi Mortem
7.Use Once And Destroy
8.Remains Of Eden: Ii
9.But, With A Whimper
10.Order Of The Shadow [The Heretic Awakened]
11.Take My Hand While I Take My Life
12.[Act : I] Penance
13.The Saint And The Valentine