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PTI - Exhaust CD

On the heels of their 2004 Breakout Album, 'Blackout', PTI returns with the remix companion, 'Exhaust'. This multi-track release features new remixes of Ivory Tower, Gone Silicon, Databass, Condemnation, IDentify and more. In addition to the remixes, 'Exhaust' will include one previously unreleased b-side named after the album title. Remixers for 'Exhaust' include God Module, Assemblage23, Negative Format, Flesh Field, Y-Luk-O, Z Prochek, Interface, Christ Analogue, Torrent Vaccine and more.
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InfraRot item number:2010.916
Label:WTII Records
Label's catalogue number:WTII033
1.Condemnation (MindFluxFuneral Abomination)
2.Database (A23 Reconstruction)
3.Zero Hour (Z-Prochek Convolution)
4.IDentify (Christ Analogue Putrefcation)
5.Databass (PTI Subversion)
6.Ivory Tower (Interface Invigoration)
8.Gone Silicon (Negative Format Molecular Disintegration)
9.Databass (Fleshfield Infection)
10.Condemnation (Torrent Vaccine Contamination)
11.Otherside (Deadliner Debasement)
12.IDentify (Y-LUK-O Degration)
13.Gone Silicon (Lukotyk Mutation)
14.Condemnation (God Module Damnation)
15.IDentify (Iammynewt Treatment)