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Release: June 2016
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r010r - Unyielding CD

Unyielding' is the debut of r010r on Daniel Myer (HAUJOBB)’s label. With this album, r010r reveals 10 angular electronic tracks that paint a rather stark picture of the information age and how it effects privacy and ultimately our freedom as citizens of the 'new world order'. r010r is the hybrid electronic music project of Michael Renfield, known for his work in the harsh EBM band NOISE PROCESS. The album is an exploration into drone/noise, electro, and UK garage set against the theme of brutalism in music and society. Unyielding is an emotional response to the journalists and activists that risk everything to persist and investigate what is a global directive of disinformation. The album is presented in a striking 6-panel digipak cd. art and layout by soil.
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Label:Basic Unit
4.Born In Ruins
5.Fat Years
6.Strong Bond
8.Give Us Tools
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