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Rational Youth

"City Of Night"


Release: 2011
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Rational Youth - City Of Night MCD

'City of Night' is the 2nd in a series of five CDEP Single ReMake ReMaster ReMixes from the Classic 1982 album Cold War Night Life to be issued this year 2011 by reformed and renewed internationally recognized pioneers of 80's synth-pop, Rational Youth.

This collection of DJ House & Trance ReMixes in English and French was orchestrated by our friends at Montreal's DeepSound Music and features radio & extended mixes by Max Julien, the DeepSound main man and remixes from UK's re:hab, by Brazil's Marco Zappala, South Africa's DJ Michael Angello and Montreal duo Cito & E.P. Bergen. Also on this collection is the original Pat Deserio 1982 extended dance mix.
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1.City Of Night (Re:hab Vocal Remix)
2.City Of Night (Max Julien Thunderdome Mix)
3.City Of Night (Marco Zappala Remix)
4.Cité Phosphore (Max Julien Afterhours In Paris Mix)
5.Cité Phosphore (The Cito & E.P. Bergen Remix)
6.City Of Night (DJ Michael Angello On The Town Remix)
7.City Of Night (Original 19 Extended Mix)
8.City Of Night (Max Julien Thunderdome Radio Edit)
9.Cité Phosphore (Max Julien Thunderdome Radio Edit)