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Rational Youth

"Dancing On The Berlin Wall"


Release: 2011
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Rational Youth - Dancing On The Berlin Wall MCD

'Dancing On The Berlin Wall EP' is the release by internationally recognized pioneers of synthesizer-based pop music, Rational Youth. Their 1982 album 'Cold War Night Life' is a cornerstoneclassic of the Electro-Pop genre, and 'Dancing...' was one of the stand-out tracks of that legendary album!

This EP features brand new recordings of the classic song (never before issued as a single), sung in English and in German, in 'Pure' and 'Euro Dance' versions, including an 80's style New Wave extended dance mix. Added to that, the original version to round out the 6 track package. The EP was produced by Tracy Howe and Bill Vorn, the original 1981 duo and mixed & mastered by re-nowned Montreal producer, Jean Pierre Isaac.
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1.Dancing On The Berlin Wall (Pure Extended Mix)
2.Dancing On The Berlin Wall (Jeep Euro Remix)
3.Dancing On The Berlin Wall (Pure Edit)
4.Wir Tanzen Auf Der Berliner Mauer (Jeep German Euro Remix)
5.Wir Tanzen Auf Der Berliner Mauer (Pure German Edit)
6.Dancing On The Berlin Wall (1982 Original Mix)