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Rational Youth

"Live 1983"


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Release: 2013
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Rational Youth - Live 1983 2CD

Rational Youth needs no introduction for fans of New Wave, especially the unique brand of New Wave that came out of Canada in the early-80s. Indeed, culture magazine The Walrus recently called Dancing on the Berlin Wall one of "the ten greatest Canadian synth-pop songs of all time." They could have as easily chosen Saturdays In Silesia, City of Night, or Holidays in Bangkok...

In the mid-80s, bootleg tapes ...
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1.Nothing Left To Say
2.Just A Sound In The Night
3.I Want To See The Light
4.Beware The Fly
5.Ring The Bells
6.Man In Grey
7.Dancing On The Berlin Wall
8.Holiday In Bangkok
9.Saturdays In Silesia
10.Pile Ou Face
11.Latin Lovers
12.Close To Nature
13.Intro / Le Meilleur Des Mondes
14.Close To Nature
15.Latin Lovers
16.Just A Sound In The Night
17.I Want To See The Light
18.Beware The Fly
19.Ring The Bells
20.Before The Flood
21.The Man In Grey
22.Dancing On The Berlin Wall
23.Saturdays In Silesia
24.Nothing Left To Say
25.In Your Eyes
26.City Of Night
27.Pile Ou Face