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Rational Youth

"Magic Box"


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Release: 2013
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Rational Youth - Magic Box 3CD

NOTE: To avoid misunderstandings: This is NOT a boxset. The packaging is a 2CD jewel-Box with a third EXCLUSIVE studio ‘Archives’-Disc in a cardboard sleeve!

This collection of three CDs, includes the double-CD ‘Live 1983’ plus a third, limited edition CD that collects Rational Youth archive tracks, demos, 7" remixes, as well as solo tracks from Bill Vorn, Kevin Komoda, and Tracy Howe. The CDs also includes two tracks from the infamous "Affection" cassette, and a track from Heaven Seventeen, a pre-Rational Youth project. All tracks have been remastered from original tapes where possible. Limited to 390 copies worldwide.
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1.Nothing Left To Say
2.Just A Sound In The Night
3.I Want To See The Light
4.Beware The Fly
5.Ring The Bells
6.Man In Grey
7.Dancing On The Berlin Wall
8.Holiday In Bangkok
9.Saturdays In Silesia
10.Pile Ou Face
11.Latin Lovers
12.Close To Nature
13.Intro / Le Meilleur Des Mondes
14.Close To Nature
15.Latin Lovers
16.Just A Sound In The Night
17.I Want To See The Light
18.Beware The Fly
19.Ring The Bells
20.Before The Flood
21.The Man In Grey
22.Dancing On The Berlin Wall
23.Saturdays In Silesia
24.Nothing Left To Say
25.In Your Eyes
26.City Of Night
27.Pile Ou Face