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Rüdiger Lorenz



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Release: 2015
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Rüdiger Lorenz - Southland CD

Style: Elektronica. Re-issue of the album, originally released in 1984 on Syncord. - Just when you thought you had heard everything that German electronic music of the 1980s had to offer, up pops an artist who has resolutely stayed off the radar all these years, in spite of having a discography which lists no less than 18 albums. His last album was released in 1998, 2 years later Rüdiger Lorenz died.

‘Southland’ was created in 1984 and perfectly encapsulates the two facets which dominated German electronic music at that time: on the one hand, poppy, at times absurd tracks, informed by such pre-NDW (German New Wave) musicians as Pyrolator, on the other hand more plangent, spherical music echoing Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and the like. His son Tim, thirteen then (now a member of Andreas Dorau’s live ensemble), can be heard speaking a few lines into a vocoder on “Strange Feelings”. Later as a graphic design student, Tim prepared artwork for his father’s releases.
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