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"Illusion Of Chaos"


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Release: 2016
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Reactor7X - Illusion Of Chaos CD

Reactor7x album „Illusion Of Chaos" is a debut from the band, already well-known inside industrial talks (excerpt from the interview with the band, placed in fan-zine AD-ZINE02):„We began working on this album in 2010 and since that time a lot has changed, we were looking for new ideas, sound and possibilities.However, we dont think that this time was wasted. We managed to do a few really good remixes and we started cooperation with Arkadiusz Malczewski who is the sound technician of Behemoth (famous polish death metal formation). The outcome of this cooperation is a very energetic single+Sick Of It All+ which marked the beginning in our music. We treat the band as our passion and hobby and because each of us has a job on daily basis, we dont need to hurry…the most important thing for us is the final effect to be interesting and satisfying".
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1.Impulse (1:12)
2.Mass For The Dead (5:18)
3.Helter Skelter (4:07)
4.Outburst (4:11)
5.When We Fall (4:44)
6.6.neuron (1:16)
7.7.daydream Nation (4:06)
8.8.schism (4:10)
9.9.dysfunctional (3:38)
10.10.elegy (5:58)
11.11.on Your Knees (5:09)
12.12.purgatory (2:45)