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Release: 2012
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reAdjust - Alive! CD

10 years reADJUST! And they are "Alive...!".

That's the name of their Album on Advoxya Records in a limited Digi-Pack Edition. Melodic as usual but much darker as their last 2011 release Mindwalk, the CD will fill the dancefloors all over the world! Powerful Drums and Basslines combine with catchy melodies and charismatic vocals which will find their way right into your ears and brains!

Tracks like "Wahre Helden", "Grab and Store", "Pech und Schwefel" or "Pride" will enter the playlists of many DJ´s worldwide! 10 Tracks and 7 awesome Remixes from Die Braut, ES23, TraKKtor i.e. are satisfying any demands. This CD is a real "must have" for everybody who likes Dark Electro, EBM and Industrial!
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InfraRot item number:2010.797
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-66-cd.
2.Grab And Store
3.Pech Und Schwefel
6.Breaking News
7.Wahre Helden
8.Stab My Back
10.The Truth
11.Dead Whore (RMX By Die Braut)
12.Pride (RMX By ES23)
13.Dead Whore (RMX By TraKKtor)
14.Only Silence Remains (RMX By DosWerk)
15.Golden Cage (RMX By Kontaminant)
16.No Surrender (RMX By Final Illusion)
17.Army Of Bastards (RMX By Angstfabrikk)