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"Nocturnal Realm"


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Release: 2016
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Realmz - Nocturnal Realm MLP

long standing sonic groove artist realmz returns with his latest release ‚nocturnal realm‘. a stunning four track ep of diverse techno sounds. the ep starts off with ‘air supremacy’ a mechanical broken beat laden industrialized techno track that oozes with machine funk. continuing into the depths of the sonic groove is ‘machine feed’. a rhythmic 4/4 pulsating workout which commands it's way thru the speakers with a swath of fury. swinging the mood over into deeper melancholic grooves are the thought provoking hypnotic melodies of songs 'metamorphic’ and ‘architecture of time’. two tracks that dig deep far inside your mind. realmz clearly shows creative versatility on this ep. another great release from this very original sounding artist.
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Label:Sonic Groove