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Renaldo & The Loaf

"Arabic Yodelling/Grain By Grafin (For Accuracy)"


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Release: 2015
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Renaldo & The Loaf - Arabic Yodelling/Grain By Grafin (For Accuracy) 2CD

Arabic Yodelling was Renaldo & The Loaf ́s third album and their second for Ralph Records. It took two years to make and finally saw the light of day in 1983. This collection of songs and tunes describes characters, places and covert observations, although not designed to have a preconceived storyline, the songs seem to lend themselves to a picture show of the mind. Each listener is free to wander through this place, creating (or not) their own interpretation. The title comes from ́Like Some Kous-Kous Western ́. There ́s a bit where Brian Poole sings something that sounds vaguely eastern or Arabic and somehow mutates into something like a yodel - David Janssen commented that it sounded like Arabic yodelling and that was filed away somewhere for future use. Around the same time, a lot of other tracks were started, but never finished. RATL now collected lots of these bits and peaces, worked
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