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Release: April 2015
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Retrogramme - Feed 2CD

Style: IDM/Electro

The Washington DC-based band Retrogramme possess the rare ability to surprise us. Always. Whenever they unleash their creativity we have to wait for a result far above our expectations. The antecedent album "For our dearly Departed" (2012) is still considered an object of cult, the new double full-length "Feed" promises to go even further. The band's style is a unique, multi-form and sophisticated blend of electropop, IDM, EBM and darkwave

The new album enumerates not less than 24 tracks divided onto two separate volumes: each of them is hyper saturated with original sonorities that will drag you into a vortex of dance: pulsing bass-lines of drum-programming, robotic or lithe musicality, fascinating and amazing vocalizations. Moreover, the second disk features a fantastic series of exclusive remixes pro-vided by Halo Effect, Framework, DrMOllE, Citizen 16, Bites, Echoknocks, PDR, Poject K-11, Deadliner, Atropine, TourdeForce and Red This Ever. Welcome with true excitement this new opus, an album that you’ll define by only one, specific adjective: great!
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