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Rhesus Factor Feat. Leaether Strip

"Mann der Arbeit"


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Release: 2015
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Rhesus Factor Feat. Leaether Strip - Mann der Arbeit CD

File under: Old school EBM / Minimal. Jewel Box + 8 pages booklet

All you need is: bassline, snare, hihat, kick - electronic body music is free of cyber shit». And there is no chances to argue ... The new album by Croatian-German project RHESUS FACTOR was recorded in collaboration with one of the most influential figures of the worldwide EBM-scene: Claus Larsen (LEAETHER STRIP), who performed most of the vocals and wrote some lyrics. The result of this collaboration is predictable and concise: this is EBM! Dense, unicellular and ruthless. On the album you will also note participations by FRONTAL and HUMAN NIHIL – thus the slogan for this release might as well be: «EBM United!» The overall sound on ‘Mann der Arbeit’ (Man of labour) is sometimes very close to the early "gold" releases of LEAETHER STRIP, sometimes marching in the direction of minimal-electro & ‘Anhalt’-EBM with that specific ‘Made In Germany’-trademark! Without any doubt this is a must have release for all fans of LEAETHER STRIP, KLUTAE, DAF, JAGER 90, STURM CAFÉ, FRONT 242, AD:KEY etc… Only 500 physical, hand-numbered copies!
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1.When We Return To Bleiburg (Feat. Human Nihil)
2.Collateral Murder
3.I Am Everything
4.The Return If The New Beat
5.Bewegt Euch
6.Body Music (Back In Mind) Feat. Frontal
7.Commando 242
8.Kiffen Sie?
9.Tanz Kretin, Tanz
10.Harder, Faster, Stronger, Louder
11.Scream Section (Version 2015)
12.Kampf, Sieg Oder Tod
13.Stomp The Cybers
14.All You Need Is E.b.m.
15.Out Of Here
16.Scream Section (Bleiburg Version)