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Rise And Fall Of A Decade

"Love It Or Leave It"


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Release: 2008
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Rise And Fall Of A Decade - Love It Or Leave It CD

This album is definitively the last album of Rise and Fall of a Decade. Reunited in 2006, the band's new creative effort was soon brought to an end by the sudden death of singer Pierre François Maurin-Malet in May 2007. All lyrics had been recorded before and composer Thierry Sintoni did an emotionally disturbing job in finishing the yet incomplete songs. This process resulted in an album that presents us a grown and genius band that was no longer bound to any genre limitations and even processed influences of the side-project Cube like People. Especially the ballad "In the time when", a collaboration with guest singer Carla Picchiantano and Pierre François, proves that Rise and Fall of a Decade still belong to the most important bands of that genre. As special bonus, the album comes up with an additional CD called "A missing friend tribute" - full of mixes and cover versions done by bands like Collection D'Arnell-Andrea, Speaking Silence, Hide and Seek, Nemo Sandman, O Quam Tristis. And now, after 20 years - after two decades - the journey has come to an end and we say goodbye to one of the greatest bands - and great people...
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Label:Ars Musica Diffundere
Label's catalogue number:AMD 019
2.In The Time When...
3.The Federation Of Love
4.Tchetcheny My Love
5.Bagdad Is Shining
6.Don't Save The Museum
7.Les Petites Baionettes
8.Shoot Me
9.Socks Ans Stocks
10.The Great Communication Swindle
11.Plus Loin Encore
12.Girl Like You
13.Arch Of Lament (Collection D'arnell-andrea)
14.Tchetcheny My Love (Nemo Sandman)
15.Yesterday Today And Tomorrow (2square)
16.A Sort Of Bitter Taste (Speaking Silence)
17.Buckler Of Desert (Ben Born)
18.Shoot Me (Thierry)
19.Lost Cause (Hide And Seek)
20.Games For Dying (Richard Bontempi)
21.The Hope Seller (O Quam Tristis...)
22.Bagdad Is Shining (Pierre-francois & Thierry)
23.Don't Save The Museum (Nemo Sandman)
24.Arch Of Lament (Thierry & Ariane)