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Rise And Fall Of A Decade

"Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow"


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Release: 2006
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Rise And Fall Of A Decade - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow CD

An ensemble of violin-like synths and open, dignified piano form the basis of 'Galdhöppigen Glittertind'. The angelic voice Sandy Cascado give this track a solemn, elysian nature.

This is one of the oldest recordings of Rise and Fall of a Decade, it appeared on the Presage sampler 'Unreleased III' in 1990. 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' relies on grave chello, melancholic flute, repetitive piano tinkles and above all the dreamy counterplay between the voices of Sandy and Pierre Francois.

The waltzing 'Nothing to Say, ...
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1.Galdhopiggen Glittertind
2.Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Version)
3.Nothing To Say, Easy To Answer
4.La Ballade De Melody Nelson
5.Children Die In Silence
8.Wheel, Wind And Wine (Version)
10.Pure Hands
11.Dear Assurance
14.You Or Sidney
15.Hold Me
17.I Bleed
18.Free As In Utero
20.Ten Times On Taine Street
21.The French Song Is Dead
22.Don't Save The Museum
23.Theme Kurland
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