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Robert Haigh

"Cold Pieces 1985-89"



Release: 2015
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Robert Haigh - Cold Pieces 1985-89 2LP

Robert Haigh's 'Cold Pieces' is the companion collection to 2012's Time Will Say Nothing 4Lp-Set by SEMA.These two compilations represent Robert Haigh's earliest output - covering most of the eighties (1982 to 1989.) Where 'Time Will Say Nothing' focused on Haigh's darker and more industrial period, 'Cold Pieces' represents the evolution into more piano based experimentation.

The music of Cold Pieces is haunting and evocative, employing fragile melodies and discordant twists. And as with his later works, the music here is both minimal yet mysterious, reflective yet challenging.Included in this collection is the United Dairies album 'Valentine Out Of Season', the CD only 'A Waltz In Plain C'. Also represented are the much sought after LAYLAH EPs ('Juliet Of The Spirits' and 'Music From The Ante Chamber') and a collection of never released before improvisations and preludes entitled 'Dead Airs (Lost Sessions 1985/86)'.

Lp1A Juliet of the Springs Lp1A Music From The Ante Chamber (Laylah 21), 1986 Lp1B Robert Haigh Valentine out of Season), 1986 Lp2A Waltz in Plain C (Le Rey 103, 1989) (26:56) Lp2B: Dead Airs (Lost Sessions, 1985/86)
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