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Robotiko Rejekto

"Tanzlokal (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2014
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Robotiko Rejekto - Tanzlokal (Limited Edition) MCD

After the massive return of Robotiko Rejekto in 2012 with their single "Crying" and the album "Corporate Power" april 4th 2014 will see the release of the double single "Tanzlokal" on Infacted Recordings! The song "Tanzlokal" -back to the roots- continues the roots of their worldwide clubhit "Umsturz Jetzt!" while the "b-side" - "Rape" -back to the future- is another society critical electro song in the vein of the latest album "Corporate Power". With "Tanzlokal" Robotiko Rejekto prove that they're not stuck to a specific style neither in music. speach - german / english - or the way their videos are being produced! Both songs will feature a massive video each wich will be launched on all social medias shortly before the release of the single! As bonus material "Tanzlokal" features remixes by Vasi Vallis (NamNamBulu / Frozen Plasma / Reaper), Orange Secor and amGod! The release is strictly limited to 333 copies and will NOT be repressed! Dance now at your "Tanzlokal"!
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2.Tanzlokal [Vasi Vallis Remix]
3.Tanzlokal [Orange Sector Remix]
4.Rape [Electronic Devices Cut]
5.Rape [Electrified Aggression Mix] By Rahen
6.Rape [Rocker ́s Revenge Mix] By Rahen
7.Rape [World Wide Sell Out Remixxx] By Amgod