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Robotiko Rejekto

"Umsturz Jetzt!"


Release: 2011
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Robotiko Rejekto - Umsturz Jetzt! CD

When looking into a 'sound of Frankfurt' retrospective you'll for sure stumble across one name: RaHen better known as Ralf Henrich. His projects such as Moskwa TV, Project One or Axodry made him known as one of the first Frankfurt-Techno, New Beat or so called EBM producers all over the world. With about seven singles and the well recieved album 'The Cyber Space', Robotiko Rejekto became another flagship of the production talent under Ralf Henrich´s work. He also did produce the first releases by well known artists such as Tribantura, Brigade Werther, Bigod 20, Aircrash Bureau, Leaether Strip or Few Boys.

Time to take a historic look at the first three Robotiko singles 'Rejekto!', 'Umsturz Jetzt!' and 'Confudion' which were all produced in cooperation with Talla 2XLC. These three masterpieces including bonusmixes have now been compiled and digital remastered by RaHen to be released as part of the Infacted Recordings classic collection.
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3176
1.Umsturz (Razormaid Remix)
2.Rejekto (Perfecto Mix)
3.Confusion (Are U Mix)
4.Umsturz (R.I.A.D. Mix)
5.Rejekto (Retrospective Mix)
6.Umsturz (Techno Club Mix)
7.Confusion (Dubbed)
8.Rejekto (Presentation Mix)
9.Rejekto (Layout Mix)
10.Umsturz (Aceed Wave Mix)
11.Confusion (CD-Mix)
12.Rejekto (Club Mix)
13.Rejekto (Retro Mix)