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"Anthology 2005-2015"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Rome - Anthology 2005-2015 CD

A man with his guitar on an otherwise empty stage. A shroud of blue smoke. A lonely spotlight. A timeless aesthetic of solitude and submersion radiates off this picture, an aesthetic reappearing time and time again in 20th century music history: the restless seeker, the bohemian troubadour. Jerome Reuter embodies, breathes and feeds this aesthetic. A devoted traveler himself, Jerome Reuter has been expressing his musical visions with his project ROME since 2005, bleeding himself out on ten albums (and various other official releases) in as many years.

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1.The Accidents Of Gesture
2.Der Brandtaucher
4.A Legacy Of Unrest
5.Der Wolfsmantel
6.A Pact Of Blood
7.One Fire, Reversion
8.To Each His Storm
9.Das Feuerordal
10.A La Faveur De La Nuit
11.Amsterdam The Clearing
13.Years Of Abalone
14.The Orchards
16.The Torture Detachment
17.Families Of Eden
18.Neue Erinnerung
19.My Traitor‘S Heart