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"Hate us and see if we mind (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Rome - Hate us and see if we mind (Limited Edition) LP

-Purple 12“ vinyl-180g audiophile vinyl-Sturdy cardboard sleeve-Printed inner sleeve-Hand-numbered by Jérôme Reuter-Personally signed by Jérôme Reuter-Strictly limited to 500 copies

Shortly after 2012’s soul-baring ‘Hell Money’ and its stylistic twist, Jerome Reuter quickly released a monumental industrial/folk EP, on which the old industrial influences are not only reincorporated into ROME's musical landscape, but are taken quite a step further. ’The Colony’, an almost 40-minutelong industrial tour-de-force divided into two separate tracks, is the main course here: a barrage of textures, bleak industrial loops, straight-forward noise and eerie dark ambient soundscapes with a distinctive ROMEan feel are mixed into one soothing cocktail.

This limited edition EP is further enhanced by including alternative versions of two songs from the album “A Passage to Rhodesia” (2014). Total running time: approx. 46 minutes!
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1.A1 The Colony (Lowveld)
2.A2 Hate Us And See If We Mind (Single Version)
3.B1 The Colony (Highveld)
4.B2 The Fever Tree (Single Version)