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"Nos Chants Perdus"


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Release: 2012
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Rome - Nos Chants Perdus CD

Over a series of remarkable concept albums, the Luxembourgish band Rome have developed a totally unique 'poetry of longing' which rings out from the dark melancholic mist of rootlessness and which gives expression to a comprehensive feeling of modern forlornness. The protagonists of their music are the unintentional 'rebels' of Camus (The Rebel; original: L'Homme révolté), contemporaries from the turbulent epochs of the 20th century: the banished and the hunted; the despised and the misunderstood - always enemies of dictatorship. This is what the songs of Jerome Reuter are about, firmly in the tradition of his declared heroes Jacques Brel and Léo Ferré, (on earlier albums also Tom Waits and Nick Cave). As regards content, Rome are inspired by world literature and the observant listener will be able to detect references to and quotations from Albert Camus, Marcel Proust, Jean-Paul Sartre and Jean Genet. This serves to create a new kind of intertextuality between word and sound.

Following on from their EP ...
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1.L'Homme Revolte
2.Les Deracines
3.Le Chatiment Du Traitre
5.Le Vertige Du Vide
6.Les Exigences De La Foi
7.La Commune
8.Sous La Dague
9.Les Isles Noires
10.Un Adieu A La Folie
11.La Rose Et La Hache
12.Chanson De Gestes