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"The Hyperion Machine"


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Release: August 2016
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Rome - The Hyperion Machine CD

Good stories always have a bit of prehistory. Good albums too, because they tell a good story. That’s why, every now and again in our standardized music world, an album appears whose history began even before the very first note arose. That is definitely true in the case of the new CD from the Luxembourgian project ROME.

Even the title, ‘The Hyperion ...
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1.The Hyperion Machine
2.Celine In Jerusalem
4.The Alabanda Breviary
5.Stillwell (Feat. Thåström)
6.Cities Of Asylum
7.Skirmishes For Diotima
9.The Secret Germany (For Paul Celan)
10.Die Mörder Mühsams
11.Fanfanfan (Bonus Track)
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