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Roses Never Fade

"Devil Dust"


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Release: 2014
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Roses Never Fade - Devil Dust CD

Second album from the multi-national folk-noir project, after a long period of work and patience. The band nowadays counts Nathan Opposition of Ancient VVisdom fame (vocals) in it’s line-up. Nick Brewer is still responsible for the acoustic and electric guitars whereas newcomer Austin Rathmell joins on vocals too.The listener can expect stripped down acoustic guitar and vocal arrangements that rely on Nate’s remarkable vocals while Austin Rathmell also adds to the color of things – doing a brilliant job blending in and becoming part of RNF’s signature sound. Clocking in at roughly 40 minutes, these ten songs are sure to grab your attention with their lush sound and the stark, sometimes spooky lyrical imagery.
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1.To Valleys And Shadows
2.Vanishing Twilight
3.Every Heart That Will Break
4.Staring At The Sun
5.Hope Has Left Today
6.Incandescent Dreams
7.With Each Passing Wave
8.Your Life To Take
9.In Her Arms
10.Devil Dust