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Rossetti's Compass

"Tear Garden"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Rossetti's Compass - Tear Garden LP

Rossetti’s Compass have been born in the wake of Mark Warner’s splitting from Sudeten Crèche. The title piece comes from the same place as the Sudeten Creche sound. Warner’s vocals have an unmistakable weight to them, the content crossing the lines between unrequited love and an absent remembrance as synths rumble across barren landscapes. Slow, lament-filled, chords introduce “In This Together” but it lacks the power of its predecessor. “In Your Hands” is a sullen piece of synth pop. Warner balances unhappiness with a lovelorn elation. That same guttural emotion runs into the finale, “Bleed.” A crooked and catchy synth line is laid down to parallel the toughened staccato lyrics for a fine finish.[ — Robbie Geoghegan / Igloo Magazin ]
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1.Tear Garden
2.In This Together
3.In Your Hands