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"Truth Is Fanatic Again"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Rotersand - Truth Is Fanatic Again CD

Today, ROTERSAND don't need any introduction. „Welcome to Goodbye“, „1023“ and „Random is Resistance“, their following records between 2005 and 2009, turned the newcomer into one of Electro's most sought-after acts worldwide and spearheaded the crusade of intelligent and yet mercilessly danceable Electro. The magic, the singularity of their first effort, however, remained untouched by that – and sparked a unique idea within the band: Instead of simply re-issuing their firstborn and stuffing it with some alleged but useless gimmicks, as so many others do, the project approached their beginnings from an entirely different perspective. A lot of things have happened since then. Bands came and went, trends blossomed and decayed. The quality of „Truth is Fanatic“, however, remains. And gets an all-new facade.

The idea as such: Under ...
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1.Electric Elephant
2.Truth Is Fanatic Again (Feat. Mark Jackson Of Vnv Nation)
3.Almost Violent (Deliverance Remix By Solitary Experiments) Content Killer (Refre
4.Electronic World Transmission (Ionnokx Remix)
5.The Fire (Pre/verse Recreation)
6.Social Distortion (Ron Spank Remix Feat. Fräulein Plastique And Gentleman Junkie
7.One Level Down (Amnistia Version)
8.Merging Oceans (Neuroticfish Remix)
9.Lifelight (Feat. Aesthetic Perfection)
10.Move On (Feat. Florian Schäfer Of Noyce Tm)
11.Sonic Agony (Relentless Edit)
12.Hush (Remodelled)
13.Not About You
14.The Chase