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Ruined Conflict



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Release: 2014
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Ruined Conflict - A.R.M.O.R. CD

„Revolutionary Mayhem“ was the official kick off for „Ruined Conflict“ in europe, a massive debut release well received with massive attention throughout the international electro scene! Debut release? Well, not really true... The Ohio/USA based future pop act had already recorded a first studio album under the name „A.R.M.O.R.“ which was released in a small run in the US only. Infacted Recordings is proud to present this hard to find item with new artwork, digital remastered and „pimped“ with bonusmaterial! „A.R.M.O.R.“ is somehow more rough then „Revolutionary Mayhem“ but holds even more unique club hits! This release is an absolut must have for fans of acts such as Assemblage 23, Neuroticfish, State of the Union or Frozen Plasma!
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