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"Mechanical Exhumation Of The Antichrist"


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Release: 2014
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Ruinizer - Mechanical Exhumation Of The Antichrist CD

The brutal beat manifesto of former CEDIGEST frontman. Limited Edition CD in 4-panel digipak with exclusive bonus remixes by ALIEN VAMPIRES, VPROJEKT and DIE SEKTOR! Featuring eye-popping artwork from Nathan Winter of Industriarts which fully embrace the metal-roots of RUINIZER, “Mechanical Exhumation Of The Antichrist” is a real monster of an album – cannibalized from elements of all sorts of genres, and galvanised by guest appearances from industrial artists as diverse as E.S.A., PANIC LIFT, CRYOGENIC ECHELON and CEASE2XIST (whom Ruin plays with live, alongside fellow DWA breakout artist of 2013 Séamus Bradd aka THE.INVALID). Mastered with full force by Jan L of NOISUF-X/X-FUSION MUSIC PRODUCTION, “Mechanical Exhumation Of The Antichrist” is a ten-track testament to the visceral power of electronic aggression when placed in the hands of a producer of Ruin’s passion and ability. For the Limited Edition CD-version, in 4-panel digipak, we enlisted the able assistance of ALIEN VAMPIRES to deliver a club-smasher of a remix, fellow electronic artisans sans pareil DIE SEKTOR to deploy their dub-depth instincts, and the act that Ruin himself helped sign to DWA in 2011 – VPROJEKT – to provide the final gloss of a bonus section befitting an album of this outstanding quality
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Label:Deathwatch Asia
1.Upon An Armoured Beast (Feat. E.s.a.)
3.Creatures Of The Arkane,
4.Forsaken (Feat. Cryogenic Echelon)
5.Fall (The Death Imperative)
7.All My Demons (Feat. Panic Lift)
9.Goliath (Feat. Cease2Xist)
10.The Primary Objective
11.Technoprisoners (Infested By Alien Vampires)
12.Fall (Vprojekt Version)
13.The Primary Objective (Die Sektor Remix)