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Runes Order

"Disco Nero"


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Release: 2010
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Runes Order - Disco Nero CD

This album is more acid and closer to the early Simonetti's work with new guitar and agressive keyboard. 'Disco Nero' is a Noir movie with unhappy ending. Aided by special guests like Diego Banchero and Carolina Cecchinato. 'Disco Nero' is probably one of the best albums of Claudio Dondo's career. To die for...
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InfraRot item number:2007.749
Label's catalogue number:HR!SPQR XX
1.Congiura E Maledizione
2.Voci Dal Profondo
3.Fuga (Terreno K)
4.Chiave Quadra
5.Tema Dell'amore E Della Morte
6.La Strada Per L
8.Lucida Follia
9.Anna Ortese (Ballata Per Un Tragico Destino)
10.Dal Futuro
11.Solamente Nero
12.Voci Dal Profondo II
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