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"Diesel Charm"


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Release: 2012
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Sabes - Diesel Charm CD

Sabes a.k.a. Sebastian Mich started at young age as an acid / hard techno dj and decided to follow this path into the study of music technology, which prompted him to move from his native poland to the uk. He was both fascinated and alienated by the unfamiliar culture he found and he wanted to channel this disorientation and anger in an artistic fashion - and thus, sabes was born. The project's name is both an acronym of S. Mich's first name spelled backwards and 'knowing' in spanish - the key word emphasising the focus of awareness , being aware of the whole world around you - being aware that you are alive.

Right from the beginning sebastian's ...
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1.Oil Tank
3.Mysterious Stranger
5.More People
7.She Bitch
9.Diesel Charm