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Sabled Sun

"Signals I-III"


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Release: 2014
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Sabled Sun - Signals I-III 3CD

Tesco Distribution releases the next CD of CRYO CHAMBER a new label run by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) focusing on deep high quality dark ambient with a cinematic edge.

Sabled Sun - Signals, is a series of space ambient works that portrays signals that the protagonist from the albums 2145 and 2146 finds on his journey to find out what happened to humanity after waking up from hibernation deep sleep to an empty world void of human life. As such this is an optional look into what happens in the periphery of the main project.

Sabled Sun is a post-apocalyptic dark ambient sideproject by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri).

Comes in nice designed 6 page Ekopak.
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Label:Cryo Chamber
1.S I G N A L S I - 5 1 : 2 1
2.S I G N A L S I I - 5 3 : 5 0
3.S I G N A L S I I I - 4 6 : 3 0