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Sad Lovers & Giants

"Lost In A Sea Full Of Sighs"


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Release: 2016
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Sad Lovers & Giants are a post-punk band from Watford, England who formed in 1980. The original lineup included vocalist Garçe (Simon) Allard, guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk, bassist Cliff Silver, drummer Nigel Pollard, and keyboardist/saxophonist David Wood. In 1981, they released the 3-song 7” EP “Clé” and the "Colourless Dream" single. The “Lost In A Moment” 7” single followed in 1982. They released two studio albums, “Epic Garden Music” and “Feeding the Flame”, before disbanding in 1983. The band reformed in 1987.

“Lost In A Sea Full ...
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Label:Dark Entries
2.When I See You
5.There Was No Time
6.Colourless Dream
7.Things We Never Did
8.Lost In A Moment
9.The Tightrope Touch